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As part of your course work, you will assemble a portfolio of work that applies to your development as an instructor of adults. Each e-course will have a portfolio item. These items must be completed and evaluated by the Eppley Institute at Indiana University before a certificate can be awarded. If you are not enrolled in the Instructor Training Certificate Program, then we encourage you to still complete these items because they are designed to improve your understanding of the subject matter.

Assignment (example)

Choose ONE of the following:

  1. Identify three methods of informal assessment that work well with your personal philosophy of adult learning and describe how you can incorporate these informal assessments into the lesson plan that you developed for Instructor Training Program 4: Goals and Objectives.

  2. Design a formal and at least one informal assessment for this course, Instructor Training Program 8: Assessment and Evaluation, and do one of the following:

    1. Write a half- to full-page description of why you chose each form of assessment and your justification for questions you selected.

    2. Exchange assessments with someone else who has taken the course (if available), and evaluate the reliability and validity of each other's assessments in a half-page write-up.