LEARN MORE: Competency Model

I. Maintains Knowledge & Professional Development

II. Organizes and Delivers Instruction

III. Manages Instructional Resources

IV. Assesses & Monitors Learning

V. Provides Learner Guidance

VI. Supports Training Program

A. Maintains credible content area expertise

A. Establishes goals and objectives based on learner needs

A. Selects and uses a variety of resources and materials appropriate to the audience, content, and delivery method

A. Incorporates appropriate assessment and feedback throughout the learning process

A. Serves as a resource for learners and peers

A. Promotes an environment that fosters learning and performance

B. Understands principles of adult learning

B. Plans and adapts instruction relevant to the characteristics of learners, other participants, content, and instructional setting

B. Appropriately applies educational technology to promote learning goals

B. Strategically applies learner and self-evaluation to improve learning, teaching, and course outcomes

B. Models appropriate workplace behaviors and attire

B. Analyzes needs and proposes solutions within the agency or organization

C. Understands cognition and learning theories

C. Sequences and paces instruction appropriate to the learning event


C. Provides multiple opportunities for practice and demonstration of learning

C. Models life-long learning

C. Shares lessons learned with colleagues

D. Communicates current knowledge of Agency Orientation & Mission Comprehension

D. Creates and maintains an environment conducive to learning


D. Monitors and adjusts teaching and remediation strategies based on learner needs and performance


D. Suggests and/or collaborates in modifying the course or program or developing program alternatives

E. Engages in professional development

E. Accommodates diverse learning styles, abilities, cultures, and experiences




E. Uses results of assessment and evaluation data to plan lessons, develop curricula, deliver training, and monitor program or course effectiveness

F. Complies with established legal and ethical standards

F. Integrates content and organizational knowledge with appropriate instructional techniques





G. Maintains a current Individual Development Plan (UC)

G. Demonstrates a variety of instructional delivery methods and strategies for effective transfer of knowledge and skills






H. Employs effective interpersonal skills